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YDSTECH emphasize the value of human capital in the financial capital appreciation target priority goals. Indus employee career growth mainly by "tiered classification system to improve the" training system and provide dual-channel promotion qualification management system support.
We will continue the development of human resources as an important condition for achieving the goal of human capital appreciation, and unceasing commitment to building a learning organization.

Code of Business Conduct: British Wenders business activities the company's guidelines require all employees to maintain high ethical standards of conduct.
Work Environment: British Wenders has been trying to provide a comfortable working environment for employees.
Vocational training: The company will provide a variety of training resources to help them carry out self-improvement.
Mentor system: Indus established an effective mentor system to help new employees adapt Indus soon as possible.
Pay and benefits: We comply with the requirements of the minimum wage required by local law, also introduced a very competitive compensation system.
Qualifications: standardized personnel training and selection, training and self-study to establish an effective benchmark for eligibility criteria traction employees continue to learn and continue to improve and maintain sustainable development, encouraging employees to continuously improve their job competence.
Employees Club: Indus established clubs, designed to enrich the staff of life, improve employee quality of life.
Pluralism and non-discrimination: the internationalization and we are committed to operating in a global localization.
Communication channels: have open channels of communication between the company and the employees.

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