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Shenzhen YDSTECH Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company focused on industrial computer development, production, national sales and service of high-tech enterprises.

From its inception in 1999 the YDSTECH Company has been based on independent research and development, innovation, core products with independent intellectual property rights.

Integrity and pragmatic, YDSTECH put provide the best cost-effective products to our customers as long-term goals remain unchanged. To achieve this goal, YDSTECH constantly develop new products and enhance service capabilities, promote innovation embedded computer applications, and create long-term value and potential growth for the user.

YDSTECH qualifications:

National high-tech enterprise

Shenzhen double-soft enterprise

ISO9001 international quality system certification enterprise

Member of the Chinese Association of Automation

Member of the China Instrument and Control Society

Governing unit of Shenzhen Computer Association

China Computer Federation member organizations

Chinese Embedded System Industry Alliance launched units

Strong market competitiveness

R & D capabilities

Core R & D personnel more than 15 years of experience, has focused on the development of embedded computers, rich professional knowledge. YDSTECH think attitude decides everything, serious and responsible attitude, rigorous and meticulous work style determines the quality of the product, since the company has been regarded serious, responsible, dedicated, professional, rigorous and meticulous as a gene implanted into the team, for many years accumulated a strong R & D team.

Professional services team

YDSTECH’s professional marketing team to provide one-stop sales services, from product selection, procurement to post-service one-stop complete. Technical Service Center provides detailed product pre-sale, sale and technical services. Senior Project Engineer to provide customized product solutions. Professional service team not only provides fast and perfect service, and can provide customized services and products based on customer specific needs.

Perfect quality assurance

YDSTECH set up a sound quality assurance management system, using MSA quality systems analysis, implementation of quality systems audit rolling, TQM, SPC process control, quality management system, the establishment of AVL supplier management system to ensure the quality of raw materials, testing, implementation scroll trust products, ensure that the overall product reliability.

Production capacity

SMT production capacity: an annual capacity of not less than 1.5 million; the whole production line production capacity: an annual capacity of not less than 150 million units.

Professional OEM / ODM service

Boards products OEM / ODM service

YDSTECH can provide customers with the development and manufacture of various types of motherboards; especially OEM / ODM customized services. Provide a variety of different sizes, motherboard specifications developed solutions. R & D can be produced according to the different needs of customers, including modification of the standard functions, change BIOS, re-development and design of new products and other services.

System integration products OEM / ODM service

YDSTECH provides integrated system products, according to the customer's actual use of the environment, design and production, to provide customers with non-standard products really suitable for their applications, customizable product colors, patterns and company LOGO and so on.

Other OEM / ODM service

YDSTECH also offers integrated workstations, bottom plate and other equipment of customized services. Also provide customized services embedded operating system clients.

YDSTECH product lines temporarily include:

Industrial motherboard (embedded motherboards) Series: 2.5-inch industrial motherboard, 3.5-inch industrial motherboard, full-length CPU card, half-size CPU card, PC / 104 modules, Freescale board;

Human-Computer Interaction Series: Industrial Panel PC, HMI;

Industrial System Series: Embedded no fan industrial computer, industrial whole machine, rack mount industrial chassis, wall-mounted industrial chassis, industrial bottom plate, industrial power;

Industrial automation Series: data acquisition module, data acquisition card

Series of military and industrial products, such as accessories






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